Plastic Surgery: 6-Volume Set
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Plastic Surgery: 6-Volume Set

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Peter Neligan
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Neligan Plastic Surgery 4e
Volume 1: Principles

1. Plastic Surgery and Innovation in Medicine

2. History of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

3. Psychological Aspects of Plastic Surgery

4. The Role of Ethics in Plastic Surgery

5. Business Principles for Plastic Surgeons

6. Medico-legal Issues In Plastic Surgery

7. Digital Imaging in Plastic Surgery

8. Patient Safety in Plastic Surgery

9. Local Anesthetics in Plastic Surgery

10. Evidence-Based Medicine & Health Services Research in Plastic Surgery

11. "Principles of Cancer Management "

12. Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

13. Wound Healing

14. Scar Prevention, Treatment and Revision

15. Skin Graft

16. Tissue Engineering

17. Repair, Grafting and Engineering of Cartilage

18. Repair and Grafting of Bone

19. Repair and Grafting of Peripheral Nerve

20. Repair and Grafting Fat and Adipose Tissue

21. Vascular Territories

22. Flap Classification and Applications

23. Flap Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

24. Principles and Techniques of Microvascular Surgery

25. Principles and Applications of Tissue Expansion

26. Principles of Radiation

27. Lyphedema: Pathophysiology and Basic Science

28. Benign and Malignant Non Melanocytic Tumors of the Skin and Soft Tissue

29. Melanoma

30. Implants and Biomaterials

31. Facial Prosthetics in Plastic Surgery

32. Transplantation in Plastic Surgery

33. Technology Innovation in Plastic Surgery

34. Robotics in Plastic Surgery

35. Simulation & Telemedicine in Plastic Surgery

36. Digital Health in Plastic Surgery

Neligan Plastic Surgery 4e

Volume 2: Aesthetic

1. Managing the Cosmetic Patient

2. Managing a Cosmetic Practice

3. Essential Elements of Patient Safety in Aesthetic Surgery

Section 1: Aesthetic Surgery of the Face

4. Non Surgical Skin Care and Rejuvenation

5.1 Injectables and Resurfacing Techniques - Introduction

5.2 Soft Tissue Fillers

5.3 Botulinum Toxin

5.4 Laser Surface Resurfacing

5.5 Chemical Peels

6.1 Anatomy of the Aging Face

6.2 Principles and Surgical Approaches of Facelift

6.3 Facelift - Platysma-SMAS Plication

6.4 Facelift - Facial Rejuvenation With Loop Sutures; The MACS lift and its Derivatives

6.5 Facelift - Lateral Smasectomy

6.6 Facelift - The Extended SMAS Technique in Facial Rejuvenation

6.7 Facelift - SMAS with skin attached: The High SMAS Technique

6.8 Facelift - Subperiosteal Facelift

6.9 Facelift - The Male Patient

6.10 Secondary Deformities and the Secondary Facelift

7. Forehead Rejuvenation

8. Endescopic Brow Lifting

9. Blepharoplasty

10. Secondary Blepharoplasty: Techniques

11. Asian Facial Cosmetic Surgery

12. Neck Rejuvenation

13. Structural Fat Grafting

14. Skeletal Augmentation

15. Nasal Analysis and Anatomy

16. Open Technique Rhinoplasty

17. Closed Technique Rhinoplasty

18. Airway Issues and the Deviated Nose

19. Secondary Rhinoplasty

20. Otoplasty

21. Hair Restoration

Section 2 General Aesthetic Surgery

22.1 Liposuction: A Comprehensive Review of Techniques & Safety

22.2 Correcting Liposuction Deformities with S.A.F.E Liposuction Technique

23. Abdominoplasty

24. Lipoabdominoplasty

25.1 Circumferential Approaches to Trunkal Contouring - Introduction

25.2 Belt Lipectomy

25.3 Circumferential Lower Bodylift

25.4 Purse String Glutealplasty

25.5 Lower Bodylift with Gluteal Flaps

26.1 Buttock Augmentation - Introduction

26.2 Implant Based Buttock Augmentation

26.3 Fat Grafting and Liposuction

27. Upper Limb Contouring

28. Post Bariatric Surgery

29. Energy Based Devices for Body Contouring

30. Aesthetic Genital Surgery

Neligan Plastic Surgery 4e

Volume 3: Craniofacial, Head & Neck Surgery - Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Part 1: Head, Neck and Craniofacial Surgery

1. Anatomy of the Head and Neck

Section 1: Craniofacial Trauma

2. Facial T
Comprehensive in scope, the 6-volume Plastic Surgery, 4 th edition returns as the ultimate knowledge source in this most challenging of surgical specialties. It's been completely revised to meet the demands of the trainee and practicing plastic surgeon , featuring brand-new color clinical photos, procedural videos, and lectures across all 6 volumes. Bonus material that includes additional text, images, and videos helps you improve your mastery of the latest techniques.

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