Farm Animal Surgery
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Farm Animal Surgery

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Susan L. Fubini
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282x222x32 mm

Part One: General Considerations to All Species1. Examination of the Surgical Patient
2. Diagnostic Imaging
3. Pre-Surgical Considerations
4. Fluid Therapy
5. Sedation, General Anesthesia, and Analgesia
6. Surgical Considerations: Instrumentation, Basic Surgical Tips, Suture Materials, and Suture Patterns
7. Postoperative Management
8. Neoplasia
9. Dentistry
10. Surgery of the Eyes
11. Postmortem Examination
Part Two: Bovine (Adult)
12. Surgery of the Bovine (Adult) Integumentary System
13. Surgery of the Bovine (Adult) Respiratory and Cardiovascular System
14. Surgery of the Bovine (Adult) Digestive System
15. Surgery of the Bovine (Adult) Musculoskeletal System
16. Surgery of the Bovine (Adult) Reproductive System and Urinary Tract
Part Three: Calf
17. Surgery of the Calf Gastrointestinal System
18. Surgery of the Calf Musculoskeletal System
19. Miscellaneous Abnormalities of the Calf
Part Four: Sheep And Goat
20. Surgery of the Sheep and Goat Integumentary System
21. Surgery of the Sheep and Goat Digestive System
22. Surgery of the Sheep and Goat Musculoskeletal System
23. Surgery of the Sheep and Goat Reproductive System and Urinary Tract
24. Congenital Anomalies In the Sheep and Goat
Part Five: Swine
25. Surgery of the Swine Digestive System
26. Surgery of the Swine Musculoskeletal System
27. Surgery of the Swine Reproductive System and Urinary Tract
Master the surgical techniques needed to treat large animals! A comprehensive resource, Farm Animal Surgery, 2nd Edition provides clear, step-by-step guidelines to performing common, field-tested surgical procedures. Coverage includes key information such as patient examination and preparation, diagnostic imaging, surgical procedures by body system, anesthesia concerns, fluid therapy, and postoperative management. Written by large animal specialists Susan Fubini and Norm Ducharme, along with a team of expert contributors, this resource is also an invaluable tool in preparing for ACVS or ECVS board exams.

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