Travel and Street Photography
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Travel and Street Photography

From Snapshots to Great Shots
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John Batdorff
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Introduction Chapter 1: Equipment What's in My Bag Camera Selection Packing Light: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck Chapter 2: Planning the Journey Where and When to Go Shot List Etiquette: The Street and Travel Photographer's Code of Ethics Hiring a Guide Chapter 3: Composition Rule of Thirds Lines Shadows Perspective Humour Getting Creative: Finding the Local Flavor Chapter 4: Exposure Be Prepared Golden Hours Bright Daylight Twilight Flash Chapter 5: Cities and Streets Portraits Street Portraits Environmental Portraits Festivals and Parades Food and Drink Restaurants Open Markets Architecture Monuments Chapter 6: The Countryside and Vistas Landscapes Wildlife: Big and Small National Parks and Monuments Local Flora Chapter 7: Observation vs Engagement How to Approach Street and Travel Photography Getting Caught in the Act Portraits Wildlife Don't be Paparazzi Effective Communication Having an Authentic and Respectful Presence Chapter 8: Postprocessing Workflow Getting Organized Choosing a Style Backing Up Chapter 9: Sharing Creating an online gallery for sharing Social Media Prints Chapter 10: The Legalities of Street and Travel Photography What are your rights? International Laws Model Releases Selling Street and Travel Images Stock Photography Sites Selling from a Personal Gallery
This guide by pro photographer John Batdorff will help students conquer the fundamentals of travel and street photography and capture stunning pictures.
Batdorff starts with the basics—composition, light, and exposure—and how to plan and pack the right equipment for different types of shooting conditions. He also covers all the key camera features that affect the image. Once students have captured those shots, John takes them step-by-step through an effective workflow in Lightroom to organize their images and develop their own personal style.

This guide is for beginning-to-intermediate digital photography students to understand the basics and bring their own unique artistic expression to any situation whether they're taking landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, or food and drink shots.

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