The HDR Book
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The HDR Book

Unlocking the Pros' Hottest Post-Processing Techniques
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Rafael Concepcion
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233x205x17 mm

Featuring real-world interviews with passionate HDR photographers, this updated edition of the popular The HDR Book, by Rafael "RC” Concepcion, is more than a how-to and different from any other HDR book out there. While other books on HDR tend to lean toward the esoteric or formulaic, this book takes another approach. It's a complete and total HDR workshop that teaches students the one thing that most other books miss- once you've tone mapped your image with HDR software, you're still not finished. Within the pages of this book, students will find 10 projects—now updated!—shot with everything from a point-and-shoot to a 37-megapixel, medium-format camera. The projects are designed to show them how the subtle differences in each scenario (lighting, subject, environment, etc.) dictate the post-processing needed to achieve one of the many final looks covered. They'll learn not only the different tone map settings RC used, but they'll also learn the final steps taken in Photoshop to complete each image. Then, they'll recreate these looks using the exact same RAW files that RC used! Plus, they get four bonus images to play with and create their own look. The end result: a more intrinsic understanding of the nuances of HDR that will help them create the images they've always wanted. Best of all, The HDR Book is written using the three top HDR processing programs in the industry today: Photoshop's HDR Pro, Photomatix Pro, and HDR Efex Pro. No matter which program students use, they'll be able to follow along and create their own stunning looks in no time.

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