Programming in C
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Programming in C

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Stephen G. Kochan
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Developer's Library
1. Some Fundamentals2. Compiling and Running Your First Program
3. Variables, Data Types, and Arithmetic Expressions
4. Program Looping
5. Making Decisions
6. Working with Arrays
7. Working with Functions
8. Working with Structures
9. Character Strings
10. Pointers
11. Operations on Bits
12. The Preprocessor
13. More on Data Types
14. Working with Larger Programs
15. Input and Output Operations in C
16. Miscellaneous and Advanced Features
17. Debugging Programs
18. Object-Oriented Programming
Appendix A. C Language Summary
Appendix B. The Standard C Library
Appendix C. Compiling Programs with gcc
Appendix D. Common Programming Mistakes
Appendix E: Resources
Programming in C, Fourth Edition is a newly revised and updated edition of Steven Kochan's classic C programming tutorial - a book that has helped thousands of students master C over the past 25 years. This edition fully reflects the latest developments in the C programming and has been crafted to help students master C regardless of the platform they intend to use or the applications they intend to create - including mobile and gaming-device applications - where C's elegance and speed make it especially valuable. Kochan begins with the fundamentals, then covers every facet of C programming: variables, data types, arithmetic expressions, program looping, making decisions, arrays, functions, structures, character strings, pointers, operations on bits, the preprocessors, I/O, and more. Coverage also includes chapters on working with larger programs; debugging programs, and the fundamentals of object-oriented programming.

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