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Determinants of Health

An Economic Perspective
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Michael Grossman
Columbia University Press
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Foreword, by John MullahyIntroduction and AcknowledgmentsPart 1. The Demand for Health: Theoretical Underpinnings and Empirical ResultsIntroduction to Part 11. On the Concept of Health Capital and the Demand for Health, by Michael Grossman2. The Human Capital Model, by Michael GrossmanAfterword to Part 1Part 2. The Relationship between Health and SchoolingIntroduction to Part 23. The Correlation between Health and Schooling, by Michael Grossman4. An Exploration of the Dynamic Relationship between Health and Cognitive Development in Adolescence, by Robert A. Shakotko, Linda N. Edwards, and Michael Grossman5. Parental Education and Child Health: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Taiwan, by Shin-Yi Chou, Jin-Tan Liu, Michael Grossman, and Ted Joyce6. Women's Education: Harbinger of Another Spring? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Turkey, by Mehmet Alper Dinçer, Neeraj Kaushal, and Michael GrossmanAfterword to Part 2Part 3. Determinants of Infant Health with Special Emphasis on Public Policies and ProgramsIntroduction to Part 37. Variations in Infant Mortality Rates among Counties of the United States: The Roles of Public Policies and Programs, by Michael Grossman and Steven Jacobowitz8. Determinants of Neonatal Mortality Rates in the United States: A Reduced Form Model, by Hope Corman and Michael Grossman9. Birth Outcome Production Functions in the United States, by Hope Corman, Theodore J. Joyce, and Michael Grossman10. Unobservables, Pregnancy Resolutions, and Birth Weight Production Functions in New York City, by Michael Grossman and Theodore J. Joyce11. The Impact of National Health Insurance on Birth Outcomes: A Natural Experiment in Taiwan, Shin-Yi Chou, Michael Grossman, and Jin-Tan LiuAfterword to Part 3Part 4. The Economics of Unhealthy BehaviorsIntroduction to Part 412. The Effects of Government Regulation on Teenage Smoking, by Eugene M. Lewit, Douglas Coate, and Michael Grossman13. Beer Taxes, the Legal Drinking Age, and Youth Motor Vehicle Fatalities, by Henry Saffer and Michael Grossman14. Effects of Alcoholic Beverage Prices and Legal Drinking Ages on Youth Alcohol Use, by Douglas Coate and Michael Grossman15. Rational Addiction and the Effect of Price on Consumption, by Gary S. Becker, Michael Grossman, and Kevin M. Murphy16. An Empirical Analysis of Cigarette Addiction, by Gary S. Becker, Michael Grossman, and Kevin M. Murphy17. An Empirical Analysis of Alcohol Addiction: Results from the Monitoring the Future Panels, by Michael Grossman, Frank J. Chaloupka, and Ismail Sirtalan18. The Demand for Cocaine by Young Adults: A Rational Addiction Approach, by Michael Grossman and Frank J. Chaloupka19. An Economic Analysis of Adult Obesity: Results from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, by Shin-Yi Chou, Michael Grossman, and Henry Saffer20. Fast-Food Restaurant Advertising on Television and Its Influence on Childhood Obesity, by Shin-Yi Chou, Inas Rashad, and Michael Grossman21. Food Prices and Body Fatness among Youths, by Michael Grossman, Erdal Tekin, and Roy WadaAfterword to Part 4ReflectionsIndex
This collection of Michael Grossman's most important papers adds essential background and depth to his work on economic determinants of public health. Each of the book's four sections includes an introduction that contextualizes the issues and addresses the larger stakes of his work. An afterword discusses the significance of Grossman's approach for subsequent research on health economics, as well as the work others have done to advance and extend his innovative perspective.

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