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Strategies for Work with Involuntary Clients

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Ronald Rooney
Columbia University Press
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List of Illustrations Preface Part I: A Foundation for Work with Involuntary Clients1. Introduction to Involuntary Practice, by Ronald Rooney2. Legal and Ethical Foundations for Work with Involuntary Clients, by Ronald Rooney3. Effectiveness with Involuntary Clients, by Ronald Rooney 4. Influencing Behaviors and Attitudes, by Ronald Rooney5. Oppression and Involuntary Status, by Glenda Dewberry Rooney and Joan Blakey6. Trauma Informed Care with Legally Mandated Involuntary Clients, by Joan BlakeyPart II: Practice Strategies for Work with Involuntary Clients7. Assessing Initial Contacts in Involuntary Transactions, by Rebecca Mirick8. Initial Phase Work with Individual Involuntary Clients, by Rebecca Mirick9. Task-Centered Intervention with Involuntary Clients, by Ronald Rooney10. Work with Involuntary Families, by Rebecca Mirick11. Work with Involuntary Groups, by Michael ChovanecPart III: Practice Applications with Involuntary Problems and Settings 12. Work with Men in Domestic Abuse Treatment, by Michael Chovanec13. Integrated Health Care and Health Disparities, by Tamara Davis and Adriane Peck 14. Strengths-Based Strategies for Improving Quality of Life Among Dementia-Affected Older Adults, and Their Care Partners, by Justine McGovern15. Substance Abuse Treatment: A Field in the Midst of Change, by Katherine van Wormer and Laura Parker16. Work with Unmotivated Clients, by Per Revstedt 17. Bringing Up What They Don't Want to Talk About: Use of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for Alcohol and Depression in a Community College Health Center, by Melinda Hohman, Christine Kleinpeter, and Tamara Strohauer18. Involuntary Clients in Public Schools: Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Interventions, by Cynthia Franklin, Laura Hopson and Samantha Guz19. Work with Involuntary Clients in Child Welfare Settings, by Rebecca Mirick, Julie Altman, and Debra Gohagan20. Work with Involuntary Clients in Corrections, by Chris Trotter21. Applying the Involuntary Perspective to Supervision, by Carol Jud and Tony Bibus22. The Nonvoluntary Practitioner and the System, by Ronald RooneyAppendixAbout the EditorsContributorsIndex
Often in their careers, social workers will encounter clients who are either legally required to attend treatment services or are otherwise coerced or pressured into those services. Practitioners in settings from prisons to emergency rooms to nursing homes to child protection agencies will find themselves with involuntary clients. In an update to this classic text, social workers Ronald H. Rooney and Rebecca G. Mirick explore the best ways to work with unwilling clients.

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