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Cinematic Overtures

How to Read Opening Scenes
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Annette Insdorf
Columbia University Press
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Preface1. The Crafted Frame (Saul Bass, Talk to Her, Knife in the Water, Camouflage)2. The Opening Translated from Literature (The Conformist, The Tin Drum, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, All the President's Men, Cabaret)3. Narrative Within the Frame: Mise-en-Scene and the Long Take (Touch of Evil, The Player, Aguirre: The Wrath of God, The Piano, Bright Star, In Darkness)4. Narrative Between the Frames: Montage (Z; Hiroshima, mon amour; Seven Beauties; Schindler's List; Three Colors: Red; The Shipping News; Shine)5. Singular Point of View (The Graduate, Taxi Driver, Apocalypse Now, Come and See, Lebanon, Good Kill)6. The Collective Protagonist (La Ciudad, 3 Backyards, Little Miss Sunshine, Le Bal, Day for Night, A Separation, Where Do We Go Now?)7. Misdirection/Visual Narration (The Hourglass Sanatorium, Before the Rain, Ajami, Under Fire, The Conversation, Rising Sun, Psycho, The Truman Show)8. Voice-Over Narration/Flashback (Sunset Boulevard, American Beauty, Fight Club, Badlands)NotesIndexColor Plates
A great movie's first few minutes provide the key to the rest of the film. Like the opening paragraphs of a novel, they draw the viewer in, setting up the thematic concerns and stylistic approach that will be developed over the course of the narrative. A strong opening sequence leads the viewer to trust the filmmakers. Other times, opening shots are intentionally misleading as they invite alert, active participation with the film. In Cinematic Overtures, Annette Insdorf discusses the opening sequence so that viewers turn first impressions into deeper understanding of cinematic technique.

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