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Performance and Place

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L. Hill
Performance Interventions
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List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Preface Notes on Contributors PART ONE: MAPPING THE TERRITORY Introduction; L.Hill This Must Be The Place: Place, Placelessness and Live Art since the 1980s; L.Keidan This Secret Location; H.Cole It's Very Trippy: Shock Locutions and Dislocation; M.Waugh Out of the Furnace and into the Cyberplan; M.Wilson PART TWO: (DIS)PLACING THE SENSES Introduction; L.Hill An Introduction to Vertigo; R.La Frenais Swimming in Time: Performing Programmes, Mutable Movies - Notes on a Process in Progress; T.Dove The Patina of Placelessness; E.Puthoff Future House, Blind City: A Life; J.Birringer PART THREE: ON LOCATION Introduction; L.Hill Through the Wrong End of the Telescope; G.Miller Walking in Sin City; M.Peterson Placed and Displaced: Trauma Memorials; L.B.Clark Where Difference lies: Performative Metaphors of Truth, Deception and Placelessness in the Cornish Peninsula; P.Laviolette PART FOUR: BORDER PANIC Introduction; L.Hill Lost in Space?: Global Placelessness and the Non-Places of Alladeen ; J.Parker Starbuck A Place for Protest: The Billionaires for Bush Interrupt the Hegemonologue; L.M.Bogad Too Close for Comfort: One to One Performance; H.Paris Parallel Power: Shakespeare, Gunfire and Silence; P.Heritage PART FIVE: THEATRE IN A CROWDED FIRE Introduction; L.Hill Starry Night Sky; L.Hixson Live From Paradise: A Work in Progress; J.Maynard Smith Hideyhole and Innersanctum; A.Kötting The Ordering of the Fantastic: Architecture and Place in the Work of Lawrence Steger; M.Goulish Index
Written by both practitioners and scholars, this significant and timely collection explores the sites of contemporary performance, and the notion of place. The volume examines how we experience performance's varied sites as part of the fabric of the art work itself, whether they are institutional or transient, real or online.

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