Food and Conflict in Europe in the Age of the Two World Wars
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Food and Conflict in Europe in the Age of the Two World Wars

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F. Trentmann
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Food and Conflict in Europe in the Age of the Two World Wars; F.Trentmann & F.Just Coping with Shortage: The Problem of Food Security and Global Visions of Coordination, c. 1890s-1950; F.Trentmann Consumption and Total Warfare in Paris, 1914-18; T.Bonzon Food Provision and Food Retailing in the Hague, 1914-30; T.de Nijs Dictating Food: Autarchy, Food Provision and Consumer Politics in Fascist Italy, 1922-43; A.Nützenadel Stalin, Soviet Agriculture, and Collectivization; M.BTauger Brown Bread for Victory: German and British Wholemeal Politics in the Interwar Period; U.Spiekermann Danish Food in the German War Economy; M.R.Nissen The Mystery of the Dying Dutch: Can Micronutrient Deficiencies Explain the Difference between Danish and Dutch Wartime Mortality?; R.Futselaar A View from the Top: Social Elites and Food Consumption in Britain, 1930s-40s; P.Brassley & A.Potter Popular Morality and the Black Market in Britain, 1939-55; M.Roodhouse Food and the Food Crisis in Post-war Germany, 1945-48: British Policy and the Role of British NGOs; J-D.Steinert
This volume examines conflicts over food and their implications for European societies in the first half of the Twentieth century. Food shortages and famines, fears of deprivation, and food regulations and controls were a shared European experience in this period. Conflicts over food, however, developed differently in different regions, under different regimes, and within different social groups. These developments had stark consequences for social solidarity and physical survival. Ranging across Europe, from Scandinavia and Britain to Germany, Italy and the Soviet Union, this volume explores the political, economic and cultural dynamics that shaped conflicts over food and their legacies.

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