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Workplace Reform in the Healthcare Industry

The Australian Experience
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P. Stanton
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Foreword; K.Phelps Notes on the Contributors List of Abbreviations Introduction; P.Stanton, E.Willis & S.Young Acknowledgements PART 1: THE AUSTRALIAN HEALTHCARE SECTOR Health Sector and Industrial Reform in Australia; E.Willis, S.Young & P.Stanton The Australian Healthcare Workforce; S.Duckett PART 2: CASE STUDIES IN HEALTHCARE REFORM AND WORKPLACE CHANGE The Structure of Bargaining in Public Hospitals in Three Australian States; M.Bray, N.White, P.Stanton & E.Willis Outsourcing and Structural Change; S.Young Casual and Temporary Employment in NSW Regional Hospitals; A.de Ruyter The Processes of Workplace Change for Nurses in NSW Public Hospitals; N.White & M.Bray Work Intensification for Personal Care Attendants and Medical Scientists; E.Willis & K.Weekes Emotional Labour and Aged Care Work; S.Stack Flexibility at a Cost: Responding to a Skilled Labour Shortage; K.Townsend & C.Allan PART 3: FUTURE CHALLENGES IN HEALTHCARE REFORM AND WORKPLACE CHANGE Inspiring Innovation; S.G.Leggat & J.Dwyer Developing a Strategic Approach to People Management in Healthcare; T.Bartram, P.Stanton & R.Harbridge Clinical Governance: Complexities and Promises; R.Iedema, J.Braithwaite, C.Jorn, P.Nugus & A.Whelan E-Health Services: Is the Future of Australia's Health Service in Offshore Outsourcing?; J.Sinclair-Jones Conclusion: Reflections on Past Healthcare Reform and Future Directions; S.Young, E.Willis & P.Stanton Index
This book focuses on the relationship between health sector and industrial relations reforms and the impact these have had on employment relations in Australia since 1990. The book adds to the international literature on New Public Management with a distinctively Australian focus and synthesizes the impact of health sector and industrial relations reforms on health care management and work practices. It illustrates that New Public Management practices have been implemented creatively at both macro and micro levels. The book provides context to the changing work practices in the health care sector.