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British Women's Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century

Authorship, Politics and History
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J. Batchelor
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List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction; J.Batchelor & C.Kaplan PART I: AUTHORSHIP AND PRINT CULTURE Woman's Work: Labour, Gender and Authorship in the Novels of Sara Scott; J.Batchelor Anna Seward: Swan, Duckling or Goose?; N.Clarke Spectral Texts in Mansfield Park ; K.Halsey Romantic Patronage: Mary Robinson and Coleridge Revisited; J.Hawley Ivory Miniatures and the art of Jane Austen; J.Todd Mansfield Park - What did Jane Austen Really Write? The Texts of 1814 and 1816; B. Southam PART II: HISTORY AND POLITICS 'Thou monarch of my Panting Soul': Hobbesian Obligation and the Durability of Romance in Behn's Love Letters ; H.Thompson British Women Write the East after 1750: Revisiting a 'Feminine Orient'; F.A.Nussbaum 'Tied to Their Species By the Strongest of All Relations': Mary Wollstonecraft and the Rewriting of Race as Sensibility: M Rickman Hannah More and Conservative Feminism; H.Guest Chawton House: Gathering Old Books for a New Library; I.Grundy Index
A constellation of new essays on authorship, politics and history, British Women's Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century: Authorship, Politics and History presents the latest thinking about the debates raised by scholarship on gender and women's writing in the long eighteenth century. The essays highlight the ways in which women writers were key to the creation of the worlds of politics and letters in the period, reading the possibilities and limits of their engagement in those worlds as more complex and nuanced than earlier paradigms would suggest. Contributors include Norma Clarke, Janet Todd, Brian Southam , Harriet Guest, Isobel Grundy and Felicity Nussbaum. Published in association with the Chawton House Library, Hampshire - for more information, visit chawton.org/