The Future of Parliament
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The Future of Parliament

Issues for a New Century
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P. Giddings
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Preface Notes on Contributors PROSPECTS Forty Years on and a Future Agenda; M.Ryle What of Parliament's Future?; N.Johnson A CHANGING PARLIAMENT The Make-Up of Parliament; B.Criddle, S.Childs & P.Norton Career Patterns and Professionalisation; M.Rush A Changing Culture; M.Rush & S.Childs WATCHING THE GOVERNMENT: PARLIAMENT AND SCRUTINY Objects and Questions; P.Giddings & H.Irwin Parliament and Public Money; J.McEldowney & C.Lee Select Committees: Scrutiny a la Carte?; D.Natzler & M.Hutton Scrutiny at and Beyond the Fringe; M.Flinders The House of Lords: A Chamber of Scrutiny?; D.Shell MAKING THE LAW: PARLIAMENT AND LEGISLATION Parliament's Role and the Modernisation Agenda; D.Oliver, P.Evans, C.Lee & P.Norton Modes of Scrutiny; D.Oliver, P.Evans & C.Lee Untouched by Reform - Private Members Bills and Delegated Legislation; D.Oliver, D.Miers & P.Evans Less is More; D.Oliver, D.Miers & P.Evans GUARDING THE CITIZENRY Time for Coherence: Parliament and the Constitutional Watchdogs; O.Gay Judges, Lawyers and Parliament; D.Oliver & P.Evans THE WORLD BEYOND WESTMINSTER To War or not to War? That is the Question; P.Giddings Devolution: From One Parliament to Four; B.Winetrobe Westminster in Europe; P.Giddings PARLIAMENT AND MEDIA The Challenge of Adaptation; R.Negrine & C.Seymour-Ure New Media and Parliamentary Democracy; S.Coleman CONCLUSION Purpose and Prospects; P.Giddings Appendix: Publications by the Study of Parliament Group Bibliography
How has Parliament changed since 1964 and how must it further evolve to meet the challenges of a new century in the light of devolution, a growing European Union and a post-modern culture? This collection of authoritative and lively essays to mark the fortieth anniversary of the Study of Parliament Group covers topics such as scrutinising the Government, making laws, guarding the citizenry, the new media and adapting to the world beyond Westminster.

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