Child Soldiers: From Recruitment to Reintegration
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Child Soldiers: From Recruitment to Reintegration

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A. Özerdem
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PART I The Long Road Home: Conceptual Debates on Recruitment Experiences and Reintegration Outcomes; A.Özerdem & S.Podder PART II Why Do Children Fight? Motivations and the Mode of Recruitment; S.Gates Child Soldier Recruitment in the Liberian Civil Wars: Individual Motivations and Rebel Group Tactics; S.Podder Group Cohesion and Coercive Recruitment: Young combatants and the Revolutionary United Front of Sierra Leone; K.Peters Girl Soldiers in Guatemala; W.Hauge Resilience Amidst Risks for Recruitment: A Case Study of 'At Risk' Children in Colombia; R.Burgess How Voluntary: Community and Youth Participation in Muslim Mindanao; A. Özerdem & S.Podder PART III Neither Child nor Soldier: Contested Terrains in Identity, Victimcy and Survival; S.Podder But I Am a Man! Imposition of Childhood and Denial of Identity, Economic Opportunity for Youth Combatants in Afghanistan; S.Zyck In Group Socialization and Reintegration Challenges: A Study of the Lord's Resistance Army in Northern Uganda; L.Vermeij Social Navigation and Power in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone: Reflections from a Former Child Soldier Turned Bike Rider; M.Denov Victimcy as Social Navigation: From the Toolbox of a Liberian Child Soldier; M.Utas Mozambique Life Outcome Study: How Did Child Soldiers Turn-Out as Adults?; N.Boothby Exclusion or Reintegration: Child Soldiers in Angola; J.McMullin PART IV Child Soldier Reintegration in Sudan: A Practitioner's Field Experience; P.Halton Reintegration of Child Soldiers in Nepal: Grassroots Reflections; D.Raj & P.Dewan Binadi PART V Mapping Child Soldier Reintegration Outcomes: Exploring the Linkages; A.Özerdem & S.Podder
This book examines the complex and under-researched relationship between recruitment experiences and reintegration outcomes for child soldiers. It looks at time spent in the group, issues of cohesion, identification, affiliation, membership and the post demobilization experience of return, and resettlement.

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