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Postcolonial Spaces

The Politics of Place in Contemporary Culture
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A. Teverson
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Table of Figures and Illustrations Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Foreword; E.Soja Introduction; A.Teverson  & S.Upstone English Somewheres: Caryl Phillips and the English North; J.McLeod   A Few Words About the Role of the Cartographers: Mapping and Postcolonial Resistance in Peter Carey's 'Do You Love Me?'; N.Dunlop   'How does your garden grow?' or Jamaica Kincaid's Spatial Praxis in My Garden (book): and Among Flowers: A Walk in the Himalaya; W.Knepper   Gender and Space in Postcolonial Fiction: South Asian Novelists Re-imagining Women's Spatial Boundaries; E.Jackson   From Hijab to Sweatshops: Segregated Bodies and Contested Space in Monica Ali's Brick Lane; M.Germanà   Overlapping Space and the Negotiation of Cultural Identity: Children's Literature from the South Asian Diaspora; S.Emmambokus  Owning the City: Screening Postcolonial Bombay in Milan Luthria's Taxi 9 2 11 : Nau Do Gyarah; C.Herbert   Postcolonial Purgatory: The Space of Migrancy in Dirty Pretty Things; J.Graham Third Space, Abstract Space and Coloniality: National and Subaltern Cartography in Ecuador; S.A.Radcliffe Security, Territory, and Colonial Populations: Town and Empire in Foucault's 1978 Lecture Course; S.Legg   The Geography of Theory: Knowledge, Politics and the Postcolonial Present; T.Jazeel Notes Bibliography Index
With essays from a range of geographies and bringing together influential scholars across a range of disciplines, this book focuses on the role of space in the study of the politics of contemporary postcolonial experience, engaging with the spectrum of postcolonial spatialities which play a significant role in defining global postcolonial culture.

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