International Perspectives on Suburbanization
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International Perspectives on Suburbanization

A Post-Suburban World?
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N. Phelps
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Preface PART I: CITY, SUBURB AND POST-SUBURB Introduction: International Perspectives on Suburbanisation: A Post-suburban World?;    N. A. Phelps  & F. Wu Suburbia and Post-suburbia: A Brief History;   J. C. Teaford The Restless Landscape of Metroburbia Elisabeth Chaves;   P. Knox  & D. Bieri Post-suburbia and City-region Politics;   R. Keil  & D. Young PART II: POST-SUBURBIA IN THE AMERICAS Post-suburban Regionalism: From Local Politics of Exclusion to Regional Politics of Economic Development;   A. E. Jonas Privatisation of the Fringes - A Latin American Version of Post-suburbia: The Case of Santiago de Chile Dirk Heinrichs; M. Lukas  & H. Nuissl From Country Club to Edge city? Gated Residential Communities and the Transformation of Pilar, Argentina;   S. Roitman  & N. A. Phelps PART III: POST-SUBURBIA AND EUROPE'S COMPACT CITIES Post-suburbia in Continental Europe;  M. Bontje and J. Burdack Post-suburbia in the Context of Urban Containment: The Case of the South East of England;   A. Cochrane Khimki in Moscow City-region: From 'closed city' to 'edge city'?;   O. Golubchikov, N. A. Phelps  & A. Makhrova PART IV: VARIETIES OF POST-SUBURBIA IN EAST ASIA Post suburban Elements in an Asian Extended Metropolitan Region: Jabodetabek (Jakarta metropolitan area); T. Firman Post-suburban Tokyo? Urbanization, Suburbanization, Reurbanization;   A. Sorensen New Towns for Suburbs? Developmental State Politics and New Town Development in Seoul Metropolitan Region;   Y-SLee  & H. Shin Conclusion: Post Suburban Worlds?;   F. Wu & N. A. Phelps Notes References Index
New urban developments such as office blocks, warehouses and retail complexes are increasingly common in outer city regions across the world. This book examines the processes of post-suburbanization in international perspective, exploring how developments across the world might be considered post-suburban.