De-Medicalizing Misery
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De-Medicalizing Misery

Psychiatry, Psychology and the Human Condition
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De-Medicalizing Misery questions the conventional wisdom of psychiatry and psychology about misery and madness, and outlines ways to return distress to the realm of everyday human experience
Notes on Contributors Preface; R.Dallos Carving Nature at its Joints? DSM and the Medicalization of Everyday Life; M.Rapley, J.Moncrieff & J.Dillon Dualisms and the Myth of Mental Illness; P.Thomas & P.Bracken Making the World Go Away, and How Psychology and Psychiatry Benefit; M.Boyle Cultural Diversity and Racism: An Historical Perspective; S.Fernando The Social Context of Paranoia; D.J.Harper From 'Bad Character' to BPD: The Medicalization of 'Personality Disorder'; J.Bourne Medicalizing Masculinity; S.Timimi Can Traumatic Events Traumatise People? Trauma, Madness and 'Psychosis'; L.Johnstone Children Who Witness Violence at Home; A.Vetere Discourses of Acceptance and Resistance: Speaking Out About Psychiatry; E.Speed The Personal Is the Political; J.Dillon 'I'm Just, You Know, Joe Bloggs': The Management of Parental Responsibility for First-Episode Psychosis; C.Coulter & M.Rapley The Myth of the Antidepressant: An Historical Analysis; J.Moncrieff Antidepressants and the Placebo Response; I.Kirsch Why Were Doctors so Slow to Recognise Antidepressant Discontinuation Problems?; D.Double Toxic Psychology; C.Newnes Psychotherapy: Illusion With No Future?; D.Smail The Psychologization of Torture; N.Patel What Is To Be Done?; J.Moncrieff, J.Dillon & M.Rapley Figure: Papers Using Term 'Antidepressant' On Medline 1957-1965 Index
Psychiatry and psychology have constructed a mental health system that does no justice to the problems it claims to understand and creates multiple problems for its users. Yet the myth of biologically-based mental illness defines our present. The book rethinks madness and distress reclaiming them as human, not medical, experiences.

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