The International Migration of Health Workers
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The International Migration of Health Workers

Ethics, Rights and Justice
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R. Shah
Progress in Mathematics
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List of Tables and Figures Foreword; T.Pogge Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors List of Abbreviations Introduction: The International Migration of Health Workers: Ethics, Rights and Justice; R.S.Shah International Migration of Health Professionals: Towards a Multidimensional Framework for Analysis and Policy Response; G.Greco Care Worker Migration and Global Health Equity: Thinking Ecologically; L.A.Eckenwiler Does the Migration of Health Workers Bring Benefits to the Countries They Leave Behind?; C.Packer , V.Runnels & R.Labonté Conflicting Obligations in the International Migration of Health Workers; J.Snyder The Right to Health, State Responsibility and Global Justice; R.S.Shah Brain Drain, Health, and Global Justice; A.Sager The Right to Leave Versus a Duty to Remain: Health Care Workers and the 'Brain Drain'; P.Cole The Right to the Free Movement of Labour; A.H.Lesser Coercion in the Fight Against Medical Brain Drain; N.Eyal & S.A.Hurst Maternal Survival and the Crisis in Human Resources for Health in Africa: Impact of the Brain Drain; S.Bergström Should I Stay or Should I Go? Brain Drain and Moral Duties; A.Raustøl Nurse Migration From South Africa and the Ethics Discourse; C.Mcneil-Walsh Global Health, Justice and the Brain Drain: A Trade Union Perspective; N.Sigler Index
Experts from ethicists and political philosophers to clinicians and trade unionists seek answers to a number of key ethical questions to further a deeper understanding of the ethics of health worker migration.

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