Culture, Curriculum, and Identity in Education
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Culture, Curriculum, and Identity in Education

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H. Milner
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Foreword; J.J.Irvine Introduction; H.R.Milner PART I: IDENTITY AND P-12 CURRICULUM IN MULTIPLE CONTEXTS The Identity-Perception Gap: Teachers Confronting the Difference between Who They (Think They) are and How They are Perceived by Students; E.Toshalis Developing a Multicultural Curriculum in a Predominantly White Teaching Context: Lessons from an African American Teacher in a Suburban English Classroom; H.R.Milner PART II: CULTURE, CURRICULUM, AND IDENTITY WITH IMPLICATIONS FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS AND IMMIGRATION Promoting Educational Equity for a Recent-Immigrant Mexican Student in an English-Dominant Classroom: What Does it Take?; A.C.DaSilva Iddings As Cultures Collide: Unpacking the Sociopolitical Context Surrounding English Language Learners; J.G.Irizarry Schooling and the University Plans of Immigrant Black Students from an Urban Neighborhood; C.E.James PART III: SPIRITUALITY AS IDENTITY WITH IMPLICATIONS FOR RESEARCH AND TEACHING Leadership and a Critical Spirit of Resistance: New Ways to Conceptualize Qualitative Research on Leadership and Spirituality; M.E.Dantley Illuminating Pathways from Moral Bankruptcy to a Spiritual Awakening; S.D.Hancock PART IV: CULTURE, CURRICULUM, AND IDENTITY WITH IMPLICATIONS FOR TEACHER EDUCATION Race, Narrative Inquiry, and Self-Study in Curriculum and Teacher Education; H.R.Milner Messages to Teacher Educators from the Margins: Teachers of Color on Equity in Diverse Classrooms; B.Cross Afterword; S.Nieto
This book analyzes equity and diversity in schools and teacher education. Within this broad and necessary context, the book raises some critical issues not previously explored in many multicultural and urban education texts.

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