Visions of Struggle in Women's Filmmaking in the Mediterranean
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Visions of Struggle in Women's Filmmaking in the Mediterranean

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F. Laviosa
Comparative Feminist Studies
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Preface; L.Mulvey Introduction; F.Laviosa Veiling and Unveiling the Israeli Mediterranean: Yulie Cohen-Gerstel's My Terrorist and My Land Zion; Y.Loshitzky The Wiles of Maghrebi Women's Cinema; F.Martin Visions and Voices of the Self in Take My Eyes; M.Cantero Mutilating and Mutilated Bodies: Women's Takes on 'Extreme' French Cinema; C.Tarr Anthropological Anxieties: Roberta Torre's Critique of Mafia Violence; Á.O'Healy Vertigo in the Balkans: Karin Jurschick's The Peacekeepers and the Women; M.Waller Maria, Irene, and Olga 'à la recherche du temps perdu...'; M.Paradeisi Hard to Bear: Women's Burdens in the Cinema of Yesim Ustaoglu; S.Ruken Öztürk Filming Defeat in the Arabic Idiom: Poetry, Cinema and the Saving Grace of Hala Al-Abdallah; R.Salti 'Death is the fairest cover for her shame': Framing Honor Killings; F.Laviosa
This provocative collection elaborates a trans-cultural definition of being a woman in struggle. Looking at the films of women directors in countries in the Mediterranean rim, this book spurs a contemporary discussion of women s human, civil, and social rights while situating feminist arguments on women s identity, roles, psychology and sexuality. Although their methodologies are diverse, these artists are united in their use of cinema as a means of intervention, taking on the role as outspoken and leading advocates for women s problems. Contributors examine the ways in which cinematic art reproduces and structures the discourses of realism and represents Mediterranean women s collective experience of struggle.

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