Electrical Properties of Materials
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Electrical Properties of Materials

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Laszlo Solymar
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Informal and accessible writing style, simple treatment of maths, and a clear guide to applications have made this a classic text in electrical and electronic engineering. Features fundamental ideas for understanding the electrical properties of materials. Topics are selected to explain the operation of devices with applications in engineering.
1 The electron as a particle; 2 The electron as a wave; 3 The electron; 4 The hydrogen atom and the periodic table; 5 Bonds; 6 The free electron theory of metals; 7 The band theory of solids; 8 Semiconductors; 9 Principles of semiconductor devices; 10 Dielectric materials; 11 Magnetic materials; 12 Lasers; 13 Optoelectronics; 14 Superconductivity; 15 Metamaterials
An informal and highly accessible writing style, a simple treatment of mathematics, and clear guide to applications have made this book a classic text in electrical and electronic engineering. The fundamental ideas relevant to the understanding of the electrical properties of materials are emphasized; in addition, topics are selected in order to explain the operation of devices having applications (or possible future applications) in engineering. The mathematics,
kept deliberately to a minimum, is well within the grasp of undergraduate students. This is achieved by choosing the simplest model that can display the essential properties of a phenomenom, and then examining the difference between the ideal and the actual behaviour.

The whole text is designed as an undergraduate course. However most individual sections are self contained and can be used as background reading in graduate courses, and for interested persons who want to explore advances in microelectronics, lasers, nanotechnology, and several other topics that impinge on modern life.

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