The Scientific Method
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The Scientific Method

Reflections from a Practitioner
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Massimiliano Di Ventra
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This book discusses and explains in a clear, concise, and colloquial style the foundational concepts that determine how Science proceeds in investigating the natural world, and the knowledge it is able to provide. It uses simple facts to explain difficult concepts such as material reality, hypotheses, theory, and the logical foundations of Science.
1 Science without Philosophy?; 2 Material World and Objective Reality; 3 First Principles and Logic; 4 Natural Phenomena and the Primacy of Experiment; 5 Observation and Experimentation; 6 The Role of Human Faith in Science; 7 Approximate and Limited Description of Natural Phenomena; 8 Hypothesis; 9 Theory; 10 Competing Theories; 11 Can One Theory be Derived from Another?; 12 Verifying or Falsifying? And What?; 13 Don't be a Masochist!; 14 Consensus in Science? What is That?; 15 Flow Chart of the Scientific Method; 16 The What and Why Questions; 17 Scientism: Abusing the Scientific Method; 18 Final Thoughts; Further Readings; About the Author; Index
This book looks at how science investigates the natural world around us. It is an examination of the scientific method, the foundation of science, and basis on which our scientific knowledge is built on. Written in a clear, concise, and colloquial style, the book addresses all concepts pertaining to the scientific method. It includes discussions on objective reality, hypotheses and theory, and the fundamental and inalienable role of experimental evidence inscientific knowledge.

This collection of personal reflections on the scientific methodology shows the observations and daily uses of an experienced practitioner. Massimiliano Di Ventra also examines the limits of science and the errors we make when abusing its method in contexts that are not scientific, for example, in policymaking. By reflecting on the general method, the reader can critically sort through other types of scientific claims, and judge their ability to apply it in study and in practice.

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