European Union Law
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European Union Law

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Margot Horspool
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Helps students to understand EU law then inspires them to take their learning further; succinct coverage of EU law accompanied by self-test questions and further reading. An ideal text for those new to the subject and those pursuing further study.
1 Introduction; 2 The constitutional base of the Union; 3 The institutions of the Union; 4 The European Courts: composition, functions, jurisdiction; preliminary rulings; 5 The Union legal system; 6 General principles of law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights; 7 Doctrines of European Union law: direct effect, supremacy, state liability for breach of Union law and other remedies; 8 Public enforcement of Union law (Articles 258-260 TFEU); review of legality and damages (Articles 263, 265, 268, 277 and 340(2) TFEU); 9 Free movement of goods (I): the abolition of customs duties and internal taxation; 10 Free movement of goods (II): quantitative restrictions and measures having equivalent effect; 11 Free movement of services: the freedom to provide and receive services; 12 Citizenship and free movement of persons: workers and establishment; 13 Citizenship and free movement rights: beyond economic links; 14 Competition law and policy; 15 Environmental law and policy; 16 Discrimination law: from sex discrimination in employment law to a general equality principle
Providing wide-ranging coverage and clear explanations, European Union Law is a trusted guide to the subject with a no-fuss style. Written in its trademark concise prose, the text distils complex ideas without sacrificing academic integrity.

Focusing on the key debates surrounding EU law, this book encourages students to critique and apply the law and take a contextual approach to the subject. Students are invited to consider the key concepts in the law and to think for themselves with self-test questions and numerous suggestions for further reading.

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