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Yemen Endures

Civil War, Saudi Adventurism and the Future of Arabia
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Ginny Hill
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Map of Yemen


1. The Last Imam: The 1962 Revolution in the Yemen Arab Republic

2. Victor's Peace: End of the Cold War, Unification and 1994 Civil War

3. An Illusory State: Parliamentary Politics and Presidential Patronage

4. Giraffe Army: AK-47s, Arms Dealers and Warlords

5. Across the Gulf: Piracy and People- Smuggling from the Horn of Africa

6. The Chicken and the Egg: Elite Competition, Corruption and Reform

7. Layla and the Madman: Yemen's Role in the Origins of Al-Qaeda

8. Shadow War: US Cruise Missiles and Drones

9. Southern Discomfort: Birth of the Southern Separatist Movement(s)

10. Black Box: Houthi-Led Insurgency in the Northern Province of Saada

11. Change Square: Youth Activists and the 2011 Uprising

12. Sheep Stealers: Elite Rivalry and Urban Warfare

13. Breaking the Bones: Politics of Balance and the Transition of Power

14. The Interregnum: Hadi's Failure and the Rise of the Houthis

15. Saleh's Revenge: The Return to Power

Why is Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, involved in a costly and merciless war against its mountainous southern neighbor Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East? When the Saudis attacked the hitherto obscure Houthi militia, which they believed had Iranian backing, to oust Yemen's government in 2015, they expected an easy victory. They appealed for Western help and bought weapons worth billions of dollars from Britain and America; yet two years later the Houthis, a unique Shia sect, have the upper hand.
In her revealing portrait of modern Yemen, Ginny Hill delves into its recent history, dominated by the enduring and pernicious influence of career dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, who ruled for three decades before being forced out by street protests in 2011. Saleh masterminded patronage networks that kept the state weak, allowing conflict, social inequality and terrorism to flourish. In the chaos that follows his departure, civil war and regional interference plague the country while separatist groups, Al-Qaeda and ISIS compete to exploit the broken state. And yet, Yemen endures.

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