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Legacies and Memories in Movements

Justice and Democracy in Southern Europe
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Donatella Della Porta
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Chapter 1 Past and Present: History as Resource and Constraint for Social Movements
Chapter 2 Transition Times in Memory
Chapter 3 Institutional Legacies
Chapter 4 Movements' Legacies
Chapter 5 Movement Memories
Chapter 6 Legacies, Memories, and Social Movements: Some Comparative Remarks
List of Interviews
The impact of legacies and memories on social movements has been paid only limited attention in what is now a sizeable literature. While there is a growing interest in memory, there is little systematic theory or comparative research on the long-lasting institutional consequences of important events-or how they are remembered by future generations.

In Legacies and Memories in Movements, Donatella della Porta and her collaborators examine the concepts of historical legacy and memory, suggesting ways to apply them in analyses of the long-term effects of movements, movement participation, and movement strategies and tactics. In particular, they explore a critical juncture, rich with consequences for social movements: the transition to democracy. Through a comparative-historical study of social movements in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, the authors tease out the complex and varied ways different modes of transition can produce new types and uses of memories for social movements. To do so, they analyze how moments of transition create institutional change that impacts future movements and consider how past protests enhance and constrain social movements today.

Focusing on the reverberation of events and how past events serve as guides for the future, Legacies and Memories in Movements brings together the literature on collective memory and social movements.

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