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Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice

The Intersecting Lives of Women in the 21st Century
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Shannon Butler-Mokoro
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Introduction: Women in the Twenty-First Century
Laurie Grant and Shannon Butler-Mokoro

Chapter 1: Feminist Movement Histories
Johanna Foster

Chapter 2: Key Feminist Theoretical Orientations in Contemporary Feminist Practice
Johanna Foster

Chapter 3: Privilege, Oppression, and the Intersections: The Many Faces of Gender and Identity
Allyson Livingstone

Chapter 4: Healthy and Otherwise: Women in Intimate Relationships
Beverly Dolinsky, Robert Jerin, and Brandi Johnson

Chapter 5: Mothering and Child Welfare
Lisa Johnson and Sandra Yudelivich-Espinoza

Chapter 6: Women and Criminalization at the Intersections
Johanna Foster

Chapter 7: Not So Crazed and Confused: Unraveling Women's Mental Health Challenges
Rebecca Mirick

Chapter 8: Escaping from a Harsh Reality: Women and Substance Use Disorders
Shelley Steenrod

Chapter 9: Action Deferred or a Final Call to Fire: Exploring the Health Care Needs, Priorities, and Services for Women Veterans
Lisa Rasheed

Chapter 10: Nothing About Us Without Us: Working with Women Who Have Disabilities
Elspeth Slayter

Chapter 11: Getting Older and Wiser: Working with Older Adult Women
Laurie Grant and MaryAnn Holak


Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice is a contemporary look at the issues across a wide spectrum, beyond just equal pay for equal work and reproductive rights, with which women struggle on a daily basis. The Trump administration's call to roll back the progress that women have made over the decades in terms of social welfare benefits, reproductive rights, and employment recognition, alongside the continuing victimization of women who have survived sexual violence, are just a few examples demonstrating why social workers and other human service professionals need to continue to advocate and care for women in particular ways.

This book aims to continue keeping the lives of women and the issues that affect and matter most to them at the forefront of the discussions about society and social services. The text will help readers to gain an understanding of populations of women that they might/will work with in the field of human services. Using demographics, case studies, and best practice/evidence-based programs, the authors collectively provide students and practitioners with a comprehensive knowledge of women from a feminist perspective.

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