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The Morphosyntax of Portuguese and Spanish in Latin America

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Mary A. Kato
Clarendon Press
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Mary A. Kato and Francisco Ordóñez

1. Microparametric variation in varieties of Spanish and Portuguese null subjects
Eugênia Duarte and Humberto Soares da Silva

2. The Null Subject Parameter revisited. The evolution from null subject Spanish and Portuguese to Dominican Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
José Camacho

3.On the notion of partial (non-) pro-drop in Romance
Andrés Saab

4. Rebel without a Cause: Quantifier in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish
Renato Lacerda

5.Subject and Topic Hyper-raising in Brazilian Portuguese: A case study on reference sets for economy computations
Jairo Nunes

6. V-and-V constructions in Portuguese: The case of ir-and-V
Madalena Colaço and Anabela Gonçalves

7. Inflected infinitives and restructuring in Brazilian Portuguese
Marcelo Modesto

8. The Null object in Romania Nova
Sonia Cyrino
9.The external possessor construction in European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese
Maria Aparecida Torres Morais and Heloisa Maria Lima-Salles

10.Agreement and D.O.M. with se: A comparative study of Mexican and Peninsular Spanish
Francisco Ordóñez and Esthela Treviño
11.Some syntactic and pragmatic aspects of WH-in-situ in Brazilian Portuguese
Maria Cristina Figueiredo Silva and Elaine Grolla

12.Pseudo-clefts and semi-clefts in Portuguese and Caribbean Spanish
Mary A. Kato and Carlos Mioto

13. From [o[que]] to [o que] in Brazilian Portuguese free relatives: a diachronic perspective
Paulo Medeiros Junior

14. A study of truncated nominal forms in Brazilian Portuguese: their derivation and their relation to non-verbal form classes
Ana Paula Scher

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Recent trends in syntax and morphology have shown the great importance of doing research on variation in closely related languages. This book centers on the study of the morphology and syntax of the two major Romance Languages spoken in Latin America from this perspective. The works presented here either compare Brazilian Portuguese with European Portuguese or compare Latin American Spanish and Peninsular Spanish, or simply compare Portuguese and its varieties with Spanish and its varieties. The chapters advance on a great variety of theoretical questions related to coordination, clitics , hyper-raising, infinitives, null objects, null subjects, hyper-raising, passives, quantifiers, pseudo-clefts, questions and distributed morphology. Finally, this book provides new empirical findings and enriches the descriptions made about Portuguese and Spanish Spoken in the Americas by providing new generalizations, new data and new statistical evidence that help better understand the nature of such variation. The studies contained in this book show a vast array of new phenomena in these young varieties, offering empirical and theoretical windows to language variation and change.

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