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Questions of Character

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Iskra Fileva
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Part I: Character in Ethics
Introduction to Part I
1. Morality and Aristotelian Character Excellence David Wolfsdorf
2. Aristotle on the Person-Situation Debate: From Natural Character to Moral Virtue Mariska Leunissen
3. Character and Blame in Hume and Beyond Antti Kauppinen
4. Kant on Cultivating a Good and Stable Will Adam Cureton
5. Character and Consequences Ben Bradley
6. How One Becomes What One Is: The Case for a Nietzschean Conception of Character Development Mark Alfano

Part II: Character in Moral Psychology
Introduction to Part II
7. Moral Psychology's Drinking Problem Nomy Arpaly
8. Autonomy, Character, and Self-Understanding Paul Katsafanas
9. Virtue and Cognition Alison Hills
10. Virtue, Desire, and Silencing Reasons Neil Sinhababu
11. Character in Action Alfred Mele
12. Two Senses of "Why": Traits and Reasons in the Explanation of Action Iskra Fileva

Part III: Character in Psychology and X-Phi
Introduction to Part III
13. Promises and Consistency Rachel Cohon and Jason D'Cruz
14. Do Broad Character Traits Exist? Repeated Assessments of Individuals, Not Group Summaries from Classic Experiments, Provide the Relevant Evidence William Fleeson and Michael Furr
15. A New Approach to Character Traits in Light of Psychology Christian Miller
16. Scrupulous Characters and Mental Illness Jesse Summers and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong
17. The Psychology of Character, Reputation, and Gossip Ted Hayes, Robert Hogan, and Nick Emler
18. Character and Emotional Phenomenology: Psychotherapeutic and Ethical Implications Robert Stolorow

Part IV: Character and Society
Introduction to Part IV
19. Character and History Daniel Little
20. The "Character" of Profit and Loss: The Entrepreneurial Virtues Michael Munger and Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian
21. Justice and the Intellectual Virtues Kyron Huigens

Part V: Character in Art
Introduction to Part V
22. Fictional Characters as Social Metaphors Noël Carroll
23. Character, Social Psychology, and the Cognitive Value of Literature Robert Stecker
24. Fiction in the Brain Gonzalo Munevar
25. Character and Character Swapping in Mozart's Cosi fan tutte Stephen Davies
26. A Miscast of Character: Actors, Characters, and Character Actors Christy Mag Uidhir

This collection features 26 new essays on character from first-rate scholars in philosophy, psychology, economics, and law. The essays are elegantly written and combine forceful argumentation with original ideas on a wide range of questions, such as:"Is Aristotle's theory of character a moral theory?," "Are character traits in tension with personal autonomy", "How do traits differ from mental disorders?," "What is the role of gossip in character attribution?," and "Can businessmen be virtuous?" The chapters are organized thematically into 5 sections, each prefaced by its own special introduction. In the introductions, the editor brings out often unexpected connections among different lines of argument pursued by the authors and raises important questions for further discussion. The collection as a whole offers students of character a unique opportunity to engage with some of the best contemporary work on the topic.

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