MTLE Expanded Study Guide for Health, Grades 5-12
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MTLE Expanded Study Guide for Health, Grades 5-12

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Pearson Teacher Education
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Prepare for success, with help from the experts. MTLESM Expanded Study Guides: The official study guides for the Minnesota Teacher Licensure ExaminationsSM. Studying for the MTLE? With the MTLE Expanded Study Guides, you'll be able to: * Understand strengths and areas for improvement, using diagnostic tests. * Measure and decode your results with detailed score report interpretation guides. * Preview the educator licensure test experience with sample questions, presented with rationales for the correct response, and test background material, including annotated MTLE frameworks. * Discover recommended additional, test-specific resources for further preparation. The MTLE Expanded Study Guides are brought to you by the experts at the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson, the most experienced company in standards-based educator licensure testing. The MTLE Health (Grades 5-12) Expanded Study Guide is 100% aligned to MTLE test content. This access code card can redeemed at and provides you with access to the MTLE Expanded interactive study guide that features an annotated test framework with an overview of each test section, and includes 50 authentic multiple-choice questions.
A rationale for each question explains why the correct response is the best answer. A score report interpretation helps candidates better understand their test results and offers strategies for retaking subtests. A description of the test development process and a list of resources for further study are also included. Once the access code is activated, the subscription is valid for six months.

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