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Phillip Stephens
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Osmosis and Diffusion 1. Varying Extracellular ConcentrationMetabolism 2. Size and Basal Metabolic Rate3. Cyanide and Electron TransportSkeletal Muscle Function 4. Stimulus Dependent Force Generation5. The Length-Tension Relationship6. Principles of Summation and Tetanus7. EMG and Twitch AmplitudeResting Potentials 8. Resting Potential and ExternalPotassium Concentration9. Resting Potential and External Sodium ConcentrationAction Potentials 10. The Compound Action Potential11. Conduction Velocity and Temperature12. Action Potentials and Refractory Periods13. Measuring Ion CurrentsSynaptic Potentials14. Facilitation & Depression15. Temporal Summation of EPSPs16. Spatial Summation of EPSPsEndocrine Function17. Thyroid Gland and Metabolic RateFrog Heart Function18. Thyroid and Chemical Effects19. Refractory Period of the Heart20. Starling's Law of the Heart21. Heart BlockECG and Heart Function 22. ECG and Exercise23. The Meaning of Heart Sounds24. ECG and Finger Pulse25. Electrical Axis of the Heart26. ECG and Heart Block27. Abnormal ECGsCirculation 28. Cooling and Peripheral Blood Flow29. Blood Pressure and Gravity30. Blood Pressure and Body PositionBlood 31. pH & Hb-oxygen Binding32. DPG & Hb-oxygen BindingRespiration 33. Altering Body Position34. Altering Airway Volume35. Exercise-Induced Changes36. Deep Breathing and Cardiac FunctionDigestion 37. Glucose Transport
"Ph.I.L.S (Physiology Interactive Lab Simulations) 3.0" offers a "new" interface which makes it easier to maneuver throughout the system. There are also new post lab quizzes offering more assessment opportunities! . . "Ph.I.L.S. 3.0" is the perfect way to reinforce key physiology concepts with powerful lab experiments. Created by Dr. Phil Stephens at Villanova University, this program offers 37 laboratory simulations that may be used to supplement or substitute for wet labs. All 37 labs are self-contained experiments - no lengthy instruction manual required. Users can adjust variables, view outcomes, make predictions, draw conclusions, and print lab reports. This easy-to-use software offers the flexibility to change the parameters of the lab experiment - there is no limit!.

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