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The Looks of Love

50 Moments in Fashion That Inspired Romance
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Hal Rubenstein
Harper Design
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Hal Rubenstein, author of the bestselling 100 Unforgettable Dresses, explores the union of love and fashion in fifty fully illustrated, entertaining stories highlighting landmark moments in style.This gorgeous anthology examines the marriage of love and style in fashion, film and television, music, politics and royalty, and advertising in contemporary culture. From extraordinary runway shows like Alexander McQueen's stunning dance-marathon presentation inspired by the film They Shoot Horses, Don't They? to shoulder-pad-clad Krystle and Alexis Carrington's jealous catfights on Dynasty, from all eight of Elizabeth Taylor's wedding ensembles to the gleaming, entwined nude bodies in Calvin Klein's first ad campaign for Obsession, every entry addresses the concept and entertaining backstory of each significant stop along our cultural timeline, elaborating on its influences and design details as well as its contribution to fashion and sway in popular culture. Rubenstein also includes stories and quotations from more than a dozen world-class designers and commercial artisans interviewed especially for the book. Travel to Paris to experience some of the greatest fashion shows in history, including Marc Jacobs's Louis Vuitton Express and John Galliano's extravaganza for Christian Dior at the Palais Garnier. Discover the secrets about the making of director Baz Luhrmann's $30 million short film for Chanel No 5, starring Nicole Kidman. Go behind the scenes in Vera Wang's studio to learn the real story of the unforgettable yellow gown Michelle Williams wore to the Academy Awards, when she and Heath Ledger were Hollywood's "It" couple. Examine the world's ongoing romance with James Dean and his black motorcycle jacket, how Doris Day's sex comedies made her a pioneer of women's liberation, and why Woodstock lives on in bohemian style.With its delightful anecdotes, captivating facts, insider's perspective on fashion, and lots of pop-culture dish, The Looks of Love is an informative, entertaining read for anyone who loves fashion, film and music, celebrity, and a tug or two at the heart.With 225 full-color and black-and-white photographs
Hal Rubenstein, fashion authority, consultant, and author of the bestselling 100 Unforgettable Dresses, presents fifty of the most influential romantic moments in style from the 1930s to today, in this full-color collection that reveals each item's indelible place in the pantheons of fashion and popular culture.

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