Out Of The Blue - Live At Wembley + Discovery
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Out Of The Blue - Live At Wembley + Discovery

Originaltitel:Live at Wembley & Discovery
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Electric Light Orchestra

- Bonus programme Discovery

- Titelauswahl
Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue Tour Live At Wembley:

The Seventies was the decade when rock became show business, and nobody put on a better show than the Electric Light Orchestra.

The whole world plugged in as the best of classical met the pop generation. The result? Classic rock! George Harrison himself once said that if the Beatles had stayed together they would have sounded like the ELO. But their Out of the Blue Tour took them into another dimension

Captured live at Londons Wembley Arena in 1978, this space-age show will live forever in rock history as - quite literally - out of this world. Shimmering strings and spectacular special effects conjure up sights and sounds that Spielberg himself could only dream of, "Ole ELO" read
the headlines - and with no less than nine Top Thirty hits the musics more than a match for the visuals.

Jeff Lynne, once of the Move and ELOs singer/songwriter extraordinaire, went on to electrify the world with Dylan, Harrison, Petty and Orbison as a Travelling Wilbury. But hell never surpass this laser-lit feast of stadium rock at its mind-boggling best.

When Star Wars met Chucky Berry, the result had to be seen to be believed. Now you can see it - and believe it - as the light shines on!


- Standing In The Rain

- Night In The City

- Turn To Stone

- Tightrope

- Telephone Line

- Rockaria

- Wild West Hero

- Showdown

- Sweet Talkin Woman

- Mr. Blue Sky

- Do Ya

- Living Thing

- Roll Over Beethoven

Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery:

ELOs 1979 album Discovery reached number 1 in the UK charts, spent a total of 46 weeks in the top 50 and gave birth to some of the bands most memorable hit singles including: Shine A Little Love (number 6), The Diary Of Horace Wimp (number 8), Dont Bring Me Down (number 3) and
Confusion/Last Train To London (number 8).

These classic hits, along with other gems from the Discovery album, are all featured in this superb DVD which truly captures the musical magic of ELO, a band whose place in the pantheon of popular music is well assured.

- Shine A Little Love

- Confusion

- Need Her Love

- The Diary Of Horace Wimp

- Last Train To London

- Midnight Blue

- On The Run

- Wishing

- Dont Bring Me Down

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