A Giant Among Giants-The Best From 1950 To 1961
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A Giant Among Giants-The Best From 1950 To 1961

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Duke Ellington

17 seltene Alben und Klassiker aus den 1950er Jahren auf 10 CDs zu einem unschlagbaren Preis
CD 1 Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn: Great Times!1. Cotton Tail (D. Ellington) 2:522. C Jam Blues (B. Bigard, D. Ellington) 2:563. Flamingo (E. Anderson, T. Grouya) 2:574. Bang-Up Blues (D. Ellington) 3:045. Tonk (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:566. Johnny Come Lately (B. Strayhorn) 2:587. In a Blue Summer Garden (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 4:038. Great Times (D. Ellington) 2:539. Perdido (J. Tizol) 2:5410. Take the "A¿ Train (B. Strayhorn) 2:1711. Oscalypso (O. Pettiford) 2:4112. Blues for Blanton (D. Ellington) 2:37 Duke Ellington (p), Billy Strayhorn (tracks 1-8) (p) & (tracks 10 & 11) (celeste), Oscar Pettiford (tracks 9-12) (clo), Wendell Marshall (tracks 1-4) - Joe Schulman (tracks 5-8) - Lloyd Trotman (tracks 9-12) (b), Jo Jones (tracks 9-12) - Unknown (tracks 1-4) (dr) J New York; September 13 (tracks 9-12), October 3 (tracks 5-8) & November (tracks 1-4), 1950 Ellington Uptown13. Skin Deep (L. Bellson) 6:50 14. The Mooche (D. Ellington, I. Mills) 6:37 15. Take the "A¿ Train (B. Strayhorn) 8:0116. A Tone Parallel to Harlem (Harlem Suite) (D. Ellington) 13:47 17. Perdido (J. Tizol) 8:23 Duke Ellington - Billy Strayhorn (p), Cat Anderson (tracks 13-15 & 17), Shorty Baker - Willie Cook - Clark Terry - Francis Williams (track 16) (tp), Ray Nance (tp, vl), Quentin Jackson - Britt Woodman (tb), Tyree Glenn (tb, vb), Juan Tizol (vtb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Willie Smith (tracks 13 & 16) - Johnny Hodges (track 15) - Hilton Jefferson (tracks 13-15 & 17) (as), Russell Procope (as, cl), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bars), Wendell Marshall (b), Louis Bellson (dr), Betty Roche (track 15) (voc) New York; December 7, 1951 (track 16), June 30, 1952 (track 15), July 1, 1952 (tracks 14 & 17) Fresno; February 29, 1952 (track 13) Total Time 79:32CD 2 The Duke Plays Ellington1. In a Sentimental Mood (D. Ellington, I. Mills, M. Kurtz) 2:312. Things Ain't What They Used to Be (M. Ellington) 2:573. Reflections in D (D. Ellington) 3:364. Who Knows? (D. Ellington) 2:385. Melancholia (D. Ellington) 3:226. All Too Soon (D. Ellington, C. Sigman) 3:07 7. Prelude to a Kiss (D. Ellington, I. Gordon, I. Mills) 3:038. B Sharp Blues (D. Ellington) 2:479. Passion Flower (B. Strayhorn) 3:0410. Janet (D. Ellington) 2:1411. Retrospection (D. Ellington) 3:5712. Dancers in Love (D. Ellington) 1:56 Duke Ellington (p), Wendell Marshall (b), Butch Ballard (dr) Capitol Studios, LA; April 13 & 14, 1953Duke Ellington At The Bal Masque13. Alice Blue Gown (J. McCarthy, H. Tierney) 3:0414. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (F. Churchill, A. Ronell) 2:5415. Got a Date with an Angel (C. Grey, S. Miller, J. Turnbridge, J. Waller) 2:2816. Poor Butterfly (J. Golden, R. Hubbell) 3:4217. Satan Takes a Holiday (L. Clinton) 3:1618. The Peanut Vendor (W. Gilbert, M. Simóns, M. Sunshine) 3:3019. Satin Doll (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn, J. Mercer) 3:5120. Lady in Red (M. Dixon, A. Wrubel) 2:5021. Indian Love Call (R. Friml, H. Stothart, O. Hammerstein II, O. Harbach) 3:4022. The Donkey Serenade (R. Friml, H. Stothart, G. Forrest, R. Wright) 2:1523. Gypsy Love Song (V. Herbert, H. B. Smith) 3:5924. Laugh, Clown, Laugh (T. F. Rito, S. Lewis, J. Young) 3:01 Duke Ellington (p), Cat Anderson - Shorty Baker - Willie Cook - Ray Nance - Clark Terry (tp), Quentin Jackson - Britt Woodman (tb), John Sanders (vtb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Russell Procope (as, cl), Bill Graham (as), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bars), Jimmy Woode (b), Sam Woodyard (dr) J Columbia Records 30th Street Studio, NYC; March 20, 24, 26, 31 & April 1, 1958 Total Time 74:09CD 3 Such Sweet Thunder1. Such Sweet Thunder (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:182. Sonnet for Caesar (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:013. Sonnet to Hank Cinq (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 1:224. Lady Mac (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:445. Sonnet in Search of a Moor (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:236. The Telecasters (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:047. Up and Down, Up and Down (I Will Lead Them Up and Down) 3:08 (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn)8. Sonnet for Sister Kate (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:249. The Star-Crossed Lovers (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 4:0310. Madness in Great Ones (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:2411. Half the Fun (Also known as "Lately") (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 4:2112. Circle of Fourths (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 1:46 Duke Ellington (p), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Johnny Hodges (as), Russell Procope (cl, as), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bcl, bars), Cat Anderson - Clark Terry - Ray Nance - Willie Cook (tp), Quentin Jackson - John Sanders - Britt Woodman (tb), Jimmy Woode (b), Sam Woodyard (dr), Billy Strayhorn (Orchestration) J August 7, 1956 - May 3, 1957Black, Brown and Beige13. Part I (D. Ellington) 8:1514. Part II (D. Ellington) 6:1315. Part III (aka Light) (D. Ellington) 6:2516. Part IV (aka Come Sunday) (D. Ellington) 7:5817. Part V (aka Come Sunday) (D. Ellington) 3:4518. Part VI (23rd Psalm) (D. Ellington) 3:05 Duke Ellington (p), William "Cat¿ Anderson - Harold Shorty Baker - Clark Terry (tp), Ray Nance (tp, vl), John Sanders (vtb), Quentin Jackson - Britt Woodman (tb), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Bill Graham (as), Harry Carney (bars), Jimmy Woode (b), Sam Woodyard (dr), Mahalia Jackson (voc)February 4-5 & 11-12, 1958 Total Time 71:44CD 4 Anatomy of a Murder1. Main Title / Anatomy of a Murder (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:522. Flirtibird (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:133. Way Early Subtone (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 4:014. Hero to Zero (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:145. Low Key Lightly (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:406. Happy Anatomy (Band-Movie version) (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:317. Midnight Indigo (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:438. Almost Cried (Studio) (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:289. Sunswept Sunday (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 1:5410. Grace Valse (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:3111. Happy Anatomy (P.I. Five Version) (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 1:2712. Upper and Outest (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:22 Duke Ellington (p), Cat Anderson - Shorty Baker - Herbie Jones - Ray Nance - Clark Terry - Gerald Wilson (tp), Quentin Jackson - Britt Woodman (tb), John Sanders (vtb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Johnny Hodges (as), Russell Procope (as, cl), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bars, cl, bcl), Jimmy Woode (b), James Johnson (dr) J Radio Recorders, LA; May 29 & June 1-2, 1959 Swinging Suites by Edward E. and Edward G.13. Morning Mood (E. Grieg) 4:2314. In the Hall of the Mountain King (E. Grieg) 2:3515. Solvejg's Song (E. Grieg) 4:0016. Ase's Death (E. Grieg) 3:4917. Anitra's Dance (E. Grieg) 2:5718. Misfit Blues (D. Ellington) 4:0719. Schwiphti (D. Ellington) 3:0420. Zweet Zurzday (D. Ellington) 3:5121. Lay-By (D. Ellington) 4:54 Duke Ellington (p), Willie Cook - Fats Ford - Eddie Mullins - Ray Nance - Gerald Wilson (track 14) (tp), Lawrence Brown - Matthew Gee - Booty Wood - Britt Woodman (tracks 13-17) (tb), Juan Tizol (vtb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Johnny Hodges (tracks 13-17) - Paul Horn (tracks 18-21) (as), Russell Procope (as, cl), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bars), Aaron Bell (b), Sam Woodyard (dr) J Radio Recorders, Los Angeles; June 28 (tracks 13 & 17), June 29 (tracks 15 & 16), June 30 (track 14) & October 10 (tracks 18-21), 1960 Total Time 65:40CD 5 Piano in the Background1. Happy Go Lucky Local (D. Ellington) 3:022. What Am I Here for (D. Ellington) 4:063. Medley: Kinda Dukish / Rockin' in Rhythm (D. Ellington, H. Carney, I. Mills) 5:524. Perdido (J. Tizol) 6:465. I'm Beginning to See the Light (D. Ellington, D. George, J. Hodges, H. James) 2:096. Midriff (B. Strayhorn) 4:307. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (D. Ellington, I. Mills) 4:288. Main Stem (D. Ellington) 4:159. Take the "A¿ Train (B. Strayhorn) 5:33 Duke Ellington (p), Willie Cook - Ray Nance - Fats Ford - Eddie Mullins (tp), Lawrence Brown - Booty Wood - Britt Woodman (tb), Juan Tizol (vtb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Johnny Hodges (as), Russell Procope (as, cl), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bars, bcl), Aaron Bell (b), Sam Woodyard (dr) J Radio Recorders, LA; May 31, June 2, 20, 21, 28, 29 & 30, 1960 Total Time 40:45 CD 6Blue Rose1. Hey Baby (D. Ellington) 3:492. Sophisticated Lady (D. Ellington, I. Mills, M. Parish) 3:013. Me and You (D. Ellington) 2:314. Passion Flower (B. Strayhorn) 4:365. I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart (D. Ellington, I. Mills, H. Nemo) 2:416. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) (D. Ellington, I. Mills) 2:537. Grievin' (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 4:138. Blue Rose (D. Ellington) 2:259. I'm Checkin' Out - Goombye (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:1310. I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good) (D. Ellington, P. F. Webster) 3:1111. Mood Indigo (D. Ellington, B. Bigard, I. Mills) 6:29 Rosemary Clooney (voc), Duke Ellington (p), Billy Strayhorn (arr, cond), Cat Anderson - Willie Cook - Ray Nance - Clark Terry (tp), Quentin Jackson - Britt Woodman (tb), John Sanders (vtb), Russell Procope (as, cl), Johnny Hodges (as), Jimmy Hamilton (ts, cl), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bars), Jimmy Woode (b), Sam Woodyard (dr) J January 23, 1956 - February 11, 1956 Total Time 39:04CD 7Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington: Recording Together For The First Time1. Duke's Place (D. Ellington) 5:082. I'm Just a Lucky So and So (D. Ellington, M. David) 3:143. Cottontail (D. Ellington) 3:494. Mood Indigo (D. Ellington, B. Bigard, I. Mills) 4:035. Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me (D. Ellington, B. Russell) 2:396. The Beautiful American (D. Ellington) 3:127. Black and Tan Fantasy (D. Ellington, J. "Bubber¿ Miley) 4:048. Drop Me Off in Harlem (D. Ellington, N. Kenny) 3:559. The Mooche (D. Ellington, I. Mills) 3:4610. In a Mellow Tone (D. Ellington, M. Gabler) 3:49 Duke Ellington (p), Louis Armstrong (tp, voc), Barney Bigard (cl), Trummy Young (tb), Mort Herbert (b), Danny Barcelona (dr) J RCA Victor's Studio One, New York City; April 3-4, 1961 Duke Ellington & Count Basie: First Time! The Count Meets the Duke11. Battle Royal (D. Ellington) 5:35 12. To You (T. Jones) 3:56 13. Take the "A¿ Train (B. Strayhorn) 3:48 14. Corner Pocket (aka "Until I Met You¿) (F. Green, D. Wolf) 4:55 15. Wild Man (aka "Wild Man Moore¿) (D. Ellington) 6:23 16. Segue in C (F. Wess) 8:23 17. B D B (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 4:45 18. Jumpin' at the Woodside (C. Basie) 3:14 Duke Ellington - Count Basie (p), Cat Anderson - Willie Cook - Eddie Mullens - Louis Blackburn - Lawrence Brown - Henry Coker - Quentin Jackson - Benny Powell (tb), Juan Tizol (vtb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Johnny Hodges (as), Russell Procope - Marshall Royal (as, cl), Frank Wess (as, ts, fl), Paul Gonsalves - Frank Foster - Budd Johnson (ts), Harry Carney - Charlie Fowlkes (bars), Freddie Green (g), Aaron Bell - Eddie Jones (b), Sam Woodyard - Sonny Payne (dr) J 30th Street Studio, New York; July 6, 1961 Total Time 78:53CD 8Newport 19581. Just Scratchin' the Surface (D. Ellington) 6:452. El Gato (W. Anderson) 4:193. Happy Reunion (D. Ellington) 3:064. Multicolored Blue (B. Strayhorn) 5:395. Princess Blue (D. Ellington) 10:376. Jazz Festival Jazz (B. Strayhorn, D. Ellington) 7:257. Mr. Gentle and Mr. Cool (D. Ellington, H. Baker) 7:028. Juniflip (D. Ellington) 3:479. Prima Bara Dubla (B. Strayhorn, D. Ellington) 5:4610. Hi Fi Fo Fum (D. Ellington) 5:52 Duke Ellington (p), Gerry Mulligan (bars), Harry Carney - Jimmy Hamilton - Johnny Hodges - Paul Gonsalves - Russell Procope (sax), Britt Woodman - John Sanders - Quentin Jackson (tb), "Cat¿ Anderson - Clark Terry - "Shorty¿ Baker - Ray Nance (tp), Jimmy Wood (b), Sam Woodyard (dr) J Newport Jazz Festival; July 3 - July 21, 1958 J Columbia 30th Street Studio, New York; July 21, 1958 Total Time 60:22CD 9 A Drum is a Woman1. A Drum Is a Woman (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:362. Rhythm Pum Te Dum (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:543. What Else Can You Do With a Drum (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 1:514. New Orleans (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:315. Hey, Buddy Bolden (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 4:526. Carribee Joe (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:257. Congo Square (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 5:278. A Drum Is a Woman, Part 2 (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:489. You Better Know It (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:4510. Madam Zajj (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:4511. Ballet of the Flying Saucers (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 4:3812. Zajj's Dream (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:0713. Rhumbop (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 2:1214. Carribee Joe, Part 2 (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 3:0615. Finale (D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn) 0:43 Duke Ellington (p, narr), Cat Anderson - Willie Cook - Ray Nance - Clark Terry (tp), Quentin Jackson - Britt Woodman (tb), John Sanders (vtb), Jimmy Hamilton (cl, ts), Rick Henderson (as), Russell Procope (as, cl), Paul Gonsalves (ts), Harry Carney (bars), Jimmy Woode (b), Sam Woodyard (dr), Candido Camero (perc), Joya Sherrill - Margaret Tynes - Ozzie Bailey (voc) September 17, 24, 25 & 28, October 23 and December 6, 1956 Columbia Records 30th Street Studio, NYC Total Time 47:41CD 10Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges: Side by Side1. Stompy Jones (D. Ellington) 6:372. Squeeze Me (F. Waller, C. Williams) 4:353. Big Shoe (J. Hamilton) 5:334. Going Up (D. Ellington) 4:505. Just a Memory (L. Brown, B. DeSylva, R. Henderson) 5:526. Let's Fall in Love (H. Arlen, T. Koehler) 6:467. Ruint (M. Ellington, J. Hodges) 2:328. Bend One (J. Hodges) 2:589. You Need to Rock (J. Hodges) 5:51 Tracks 1, 2 & 4: Duke Ellington (p), Johnny Hodges (as), Harry "Sweets¿ Edison (tp), Les Spann (fl, g), Al Hall (b), Jo Jones (dr) Tracks 3 & 5-9: Johnny Hodges (as), Roy Eldridge (tp), Lawrence Brown (tb), Ben Webster (ts), Billy Strayhorn (p), Wendell Marshall (b), Jo Jones (dr) Nola Studios, New York City; August 14, 1958 (tracks 3 & 5-9) Columbia Studios, New York; February 20, 1959 (tracks 1, 2 & 4) Total Time 46:00
Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, geboren 29. April 1899 in Washington, D.C., war einer der einflussreichsten und wichtigsten amerikanischen Musiker. Der Pianist, Komponist und Bandleader, der den Begriff "American Music" für passender als Jazz empfand, wird hier in all seiner Genialität und Herrlichkeit präsentiert - mit siebzehn seiner besten Alben aus den 1950er Jahren, die so vielfältig wie hervorragend sind. Die sorgfältig ausgewählten und digital aufbereiteten Alben in diesem 10-CD-Set decken ein breites Spektrum ab - von den verehrten Klassikern bis hin zu absoluten Raritäten. Die Sammlung beginnt mit dem legendären Piano-Duo von Ellington und seinem langjährigen Mitarbeiter Billy Strayhorn, gepaart mit "Ellington Uptown", einem 51/52er-Album mit einigen der wichtigsten Aufnahmen von Ellington, wie z.B. "The Mooche", "Take The A Train" oder " A Tone Parallel To Harlem ". CD 2 beginnt mit "The Duke Ellington Plays", eine wunderbar seltene Aufnahme des Dukes an seinem bevorzugten Instrument (und ein Vorläufer des legendären Sets "Piano In The Foreground/ Background", die beide auf CD 5 zu finden sind). "At Bal Masque" rundet CD 2 ab, ein Album über das Scott Yanow auf allmusic.com schrieb: "Die Musik funktioniert super für Ellington, und seinem All-Star-Orchester gelingt es müden Revival Swing in elegante Tanz Musik und swingenden Jazz zu verwandeln." Obwohl nicht das definierende Album des Meisters, ist At Bal Masque dennoch ein Überraschungserfolg." Zwei wunderbare Suiten des Dukes finden auf CD 3 ihren Platz: seine Shakespeare Hommage "Such Weet Thunder", aus dem Jahr 1957, und sein tief religiöses Album "Black, Brown and Beige", mit Gospel-Superstar Mahalia Jackson, Frontsängering des berühmten Orchesters mit Musikern, wie Clark Terry und Paul Gonsalves als Solisten. Der Soundtrack zu Otto Premingers "Anatomy Of A Murder" findet auf CD 4 Platz, zusammen mit zwei eher "dukishen" Interpretationen von Edvard Griegs "Peer Gynt" und Billy Strayhorns "Suite Thursday". CD 6 präsentiert die seltene "Duke Ellington presents" sowie die fantastische "Blue Rose", Ellingtons Duett mit der Sängerin Rosemary Clooney, der Tante von Hollywood-Star George Clooney. Zwei seltene Alben finden sich auch auf CD 7. Die Kooperationen des Dukes mit Satchmo, dem singenden Trompeter par excellence, und dem anderen großen Big Band Leader seiner Zeit: Count Basie. Das berühmte "Newport 1958" Konzert featured Gerry Mulligan mit seinem Orchester (CD 8), während CD 9 die unglaubliche Hörbuch-Oper "A Drum Is A Woman" präsentiert. Von Ellington und Strayhorn geschrieben, beschreibt sie die Reise des Rhythmus' von den Inseln in die Stadt - ein seltenes Vergnügen! Nicht zuletzt finden wir Duke Ellington und seinen Alt-Sax-Spieler Johnny Hodges "Side By Side" auf einer Aufnahme. Das Album wurde mit 4 Sternen im Downbeat 1959 ausgezeichnet

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